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Home > Cheap Travel Websites > Cheap Flights Airfares Travel Fly Dirt Cheap

Home > Cheap Travel Websites > Cheap Flights Airfares Travel Fly Dirt Cheap


Summary: Looking for Dirt Cheap Travel on Flights and Airfares? On the Cheap? - Dirt Cheap? It isn't about just getting on a web site and picking the first flights you see, its about finding dirt cheep travel so you can fly without feeling like you paid too much.

Looking to fly dirt cheap? Flights, Airfares all at cheap bargain rates? You’ve come to the right place.

The key to all cheep travel is research. Its not news to anyone who has traveled in the age of the internet that a trip to AAA is not the best way to get the cheapest fair on a flight, hotel room or car rental. And, if you're looking to take a cruise or visit a resort, research is the key before stepping foot in to see a travel agent.

The best way to secure cheap airfares when you travel is to hit the major airline broker sites. A visit to Hotwire.com, Orbitz.com or Travelocity are a great way to start. But more and more, people looking to shake the dirt out of travel are using these sites more for research than actually to book travel. Why you ask? Because most major airlines now promise the lowest fares can be found on their web sites. So, tap around on Orbitz for a bit to find a flight time and destination that looks right and take that same information over to the airline's own web site. Often, with your flight information in hand, you can save booking fees by getting your flight directly from the airline. We tried this recently on a flight to Boston on Delta. We found the exact same flights, times and destinations, but we were able to save $5.00 per seat. With a family of 4, that will by a couple of sodas at Fenway.

If your travel plans are flexible, there are few ways to beat the deals available at priceline.com. Enter the amount you want to pay, and if your offer is accepted you’re on your way. If you’re trying to get a ball park of what to bid when you’re looking to fly dirt cheap, make a visit to BiddingforTravel.com. These folks allow visitors to post their cheap flights on their message boards so that others can get an idea of what to bid at Priceline and other bidding sites.