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Farecast is a website designed to help save you money on travel by predicting ticket prices. Farecast gathers data from all sorts of travel sites to predict whether the airline ticket your shopping for might be cheaper tomorrow - or even next week. Traveling? Use farecast to predict ticket prices before you buy.

What do 90 billion (with a B!) electronic airfare observations on ticket prices mean to you? It means that you are soon to be a better informed airline shopper. Farecast will help you get cheap tickets and save you money when you are shopping for travel. It connects you directly to airline web sites and allows you to get travel bargains.

Farecast.com is a new web site and service that predicts the how airfares on particular flights will change in the near future. So, should you buy that ticket now? Or wait to see if the fare goes down? Farecast takes out the guess work by using mathematical formulas to predict how the fare will act in leading up to your travel dates.

farecastCurrently in a beta test farecast offers its airfare prediction service only on flights from Seattle or Boston to over 120 domestic destinations.

According to Hugh Crean, farecast CEO, farecast give the airline traveler the power in their purchasing decision and allows them to, “make more confident and smarter airfare purchase decisions."

Farecast isn’t an online travel agency or booking service. It’s a tool for travelers to use to determine when the right time to buy is. Farecast doesn’t just guess, it uses algorithms to tell you if you should buy now, or wait until later.

Farecast also give you the information you need to get the best price by telling you where to buy. Instead of paying booking fees and risking another travel service is offering a lower fare, when farecast tells you to pull the trigger with your airline ticket purchase directly from the airline.

Here’s how farecast works. You visit the farecast website and enter the departure and destination cities along with your travel dates and the number of travelers. Then, farecast gets to work. Farecast searches for flights that meet your criteria and compares it to its database of flight prices along with the current price. It then shows you one of a set of arrows to indicate which way farecast predicts the price of the flight will head.

Along with the arrow, farecast tells you the dollar amount of the expected price movement, farecast’s level of confidence in the price and a buying tip clearly stating whether you should buy or wait.

Farecast bases its prediction on a staggering amount of data. It searches fares several times a day for every offered destination. Then, farecast keeps that data for up to 90 days. Over a 90 day period, the service can track and predict the direction the airline price is headed. It also displays a cool graph to let you know how the price has changed.

Offering a Quick Search and a Flexible Search option, Farecast offers you a variety of ways to get the best ticket price. Read more about Farecast.